Minnie & Kids Eating Pizza at the Restaurant is the first episode of the Anime-Esque series. It premiered on February 25, 2017.



The episode begins with Ivy, Mickey and Minnie walking down the sidewalk. They see that a pizza restaurant is having a 70% off sale on all pizza, and decide to eat some. They walk into the restaurant, order a pizza, and sit down. Shortly after the family sits down, the chef walks out of the kitchen carrying their pizza. The three then eat the pizza. But they're still hungry, so they order another. They then eat the pizza. But once they're done, Mickey and Minnie get fat. This doesn't concern the family, so they laugh it off and the episode ends.


  • Despite the name suggesting that Minnie is the one taking the family to dinner, it is actually Ivy Mouse, Momma Mouse's rival and best friend.
  • Despite Mickey, Minnie, and Ivy being mice, the cashier and cook of the pizza restaurant are human.
  • The thumbnail of the video shows Minnie pregnant, even though she is a baby, and the pizza just made her and Mickey fat.
  • The thumbnail also shows Ivy delivering the pizza to Minnie, even though a chef delivers the pizza.