Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Babies play on April Fool's Day Fun is the 13th episode in the Anime-Esque series. It premiered on March 31, 2017.



The episode starts off with Mickey walking into the living room, and seeing that it is April Fools Day. He then walks into the kitchen, and spots a plate of oreos. He eats half of them, and uses the other half for his prank. Mickey takes an oreo, removes the top cookie, removes the cream, puts some toothpaste on the bottom cookie, spreads it, and puts the top cookie back on. He then puts the oreo back on the plate, and does this to every other one. Later, Minnie walks into the kitchen and eats an oreo. The toothpaste gives her an allergic reaction, so she walks out of the kitchen to stop it. Meanwhile, Mickey grabs a whoopee cushion, and puts it under the seat of a chair. Minnie sits on the chair, setting it off. Mickey starts laughing at her, which makes Minnie mad. So she walks into the kitchen and tells Momma about the prank. She is disappointed in mickey, and eats an oreo off of the plate. She tastes the toothpaste, and gets mad at him. But while she's yelling at Mickey, Ivy Mouse shows up at the door. She lets her in, and goes to the living room. But she sits on the whoopee cushion, which makes Ivy laugh at her. So she starts yelling at Mickey, and the episode ends.


  • The episode is actually called Mickey Mouse Babies Play on April Fool's Day Fun 2, but it came out before MMBPoAPDF1.
  • This episode is the first holiday special of the Anime Esque series.