Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Babies Scramble for Food is the 5th episode in the Anime-Esque series. It premiered on March 5, 2017.



The episode begins with Mickey laughing and playing with a rattle. But Minnie is in a bad mood, so she throws her teddy bear at him. But Mickey doesn't care, so he keeps on playing. Then, Momma Mouse comes in and offers the kids a donut. Minnie doesn't want it, so Mickey eats it. Mickey's gluttony then makes Minnie mad. So Momma Mouse takes out a donut to give to Minnie, but Mickey eats it before Minnie can take it. So Minnie gets even angrier, and screams. Momma Mouse then brings out two packages of Oreos. But before Mickey can eat them, he gets fat. He can't eat the Oreos, so Minnie eats them instead. Mickey starts crying, and the episode ends.


  • Mickey's mouth grows very big for a few frames to eat the donuts. This happens twice for Mickey, and once for Minnie to a lesser extent.
  • Minnie shouldn't have been able to eat the Oreos, because they were in a plastic tub.