Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Babies Cries for Being Obese for Food is the 6th episode in the Anime-Esque series. It premiered on March 12, 2017.



The episode begins with Mickey walking into the living room carrying some food. He then sits on the couch, and eats the food. But he eats so much that he becomes fat. Suddenly, Mickey has to go to the bathroom, so he tries to get off the couch. But his belly bounces him around, and he bumps his head on the table. He then starts crying, which brings Momma Mouse into the room. She sees the food on the couch, and yells at Mickey because he shouldn't be eating so much. So she brings out a scale and tells Mickey to step on it. But he is so heavy that his weight overloads the scale, and it explodes. Then, there is a training montage. Mickey loses his weight by doing 3 different activities. These are running on a treadmill, eating salad, and doing sit-ups. After the montage, Mickey is no longer fat, and Momma Mouse cheers. But then, Minnie walks into the room eating a hamburger, which tantalizes Mickey. Then, the episode ends.


  • Mickey is seen "eating" a can of soda, and a cup of coffee.