Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Babies BLOODY Hand is the 7th episode in the Anime-Esque series. It premiered on March 20, 2017.



The episode begins with Mickey playing with his favorite rattle, and Minnie digging through her toybox. Eventually, Minnie finds a toy hand. She plays with it for a bit, but Mickey gets an idea. He tells this idea to Minnie, and they set it up. The two jump on the couch until Mickey sees Momma Mouse coming. Then, they put their jape into action. Right as Momma walks in, Mickey leaps at Minnie with his sword, and "cuts" her hand off. Momma then panics, calls the ambulance, and scoops up the two children. Once the three get to the hospital, they go to the doctor's room to preform surgery. Doctor Mouse pulls out a scalpel, which scares Minnie into telling the truth. She shows Momma that her hand is still their, and Momma realizes that it was a fake hand that was cut off. Minnie tells Momma that it was Mickey's idea, and Momma scolds them both. Then, the episode ends.


  • This episode is a rare instance where Minnie is punished. Usually, Mickey is the one getting punished.
  • The title of the episode is misleading, as there is no blood in the episode.